CashCourse: Your Real Life Money Guide
The NEFE’s guide to financing college.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)
The founders of CashCourse offers you tools and resources for after college.

iGrad: Your Future… Our Focus
Creates a personalized program to help you budget, pay off student loans, and start your career.

BestValueSchools: The Ultimate Guide to Affording College
Categorizes the financial benefits of different types of college courses, financial aid, with information on national scholarships.

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS): You Loan Information
The federal government’s summary of ¬†your student loan debt and your loan providers.

NerdWallet: Better Financial Decisions Start Here
Your personalized budgeting program with an app.

Practical Money Skills For Life
VISA’s basic to advanced level financial education program.

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) Information
A not-for-profit initiative with instructions on paying student loans and qualifying for loan forgiveness.

CNBC: College Game Plan
An up-to-date resource of news articles on financing college.

Community for Accredited Online Schools: College Guide for Low Income Students
Opportunities and resources for students facing financial challenges.